Bespoke Carpentry

We carry out all types of Bespoke work as with wood is our passion

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Bespoke Carpentry

If you’re looking for carpenters to carry out a bespoke carpentry project for you then you have certainly come to the right place.

Bespoke Wardrobes

Bespoke Storage Units

Bespoke Bookcases

Bespoke Draw Units

Bespoke Shelves and Shelving Units

Bespoke Internal and External Doors

Bespoke Under Stairs Cupboards

Bespoke Decking and Family Area

Bespoke Pergolas and Shelters

All types of Repair Work

Whether you require a bespoke bookshelf or any other bespoke carpentry furniture or fitments we would be more than pleased to do this for you. A major part of our workload is bespoke carpentry to ensure we can overcome those awkward areas or maybe to achieve a design that you feel would be an attractive addition to your home.

We can use your bespoke carpentry ideas or if you require it, we can make suggestions that you can think over before the commencement of any projects.

So if you require some bespoke carpentry, please give contact us on the contact numbers provided or drop us a line on email.

Machinery and Workshops

It is fair to say that the resources and equipment utilised by carpenters in the bespoke carpentry trade has moved on leaps and bounds over the last 30 years. We are proud to say that we are a modern thinking company and hence invest in the right tools and equipment to ensure quality in each instance.

In support of our bespoke carpentry furniture projects we have agreements in place across our working area to ensure we can complete a lot of our bespoke work off site and then assemble the components on the job to reduce downtime and disruption.

We’ve been doing this a little while now so it comes as no surprise that we are well adept at striving to make each bespoke project as painless as possible. Completing as much of the bespoke work as possible off site in the workshop as ensures we can make the items with state of the art machinery.

Sourcing Materials

To ensure we can get straight into new bespoke carpentry projects with very little downtime sourcing materials, we already have many supplier agreements in place across our working area. The relationships we have in place ensure that we are provided with the best possible quality materials at competitive prices.

We are keen to ensure that we continually meet the budgets of all our domestic and commercial customers and clients so these agreements are regularly reviewed to ensure we remain competitive.

No matter how large or small your bespoke carpentry project is, why not call us for a quick chat and we will be more than please to discuss your requirements.

I’m sure we can provide a solution for you.